The University of Central America “José Simeón Cañas” (UCA) is pleased to invite professionals,academics, researchers, and companies related to engineering and architecture in the Americas toparticipate of the VII Congress of Engineering and Architecture (CONIA 2017) under the slogan:

“Toward sustainable development”

CONIA 2017 will feature the following topics:

Environment and Energy

Energy and environment are fundamental for the sustainable development. Due to the high demand of natural resources especially water, food, and fuel sources, it is necessary to assure the sustainability of resources, we must come up with new ideas in order to use them efficiently. This is why, under this main theme, the congress will group all the proposals related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, impact of the climate change, as well monitoring, control, and prevention of environmental pollution.

Optimization of Processes

Production systems represent a source of job opportunities, and the production of goods and services is required to achieve development. Nevertheless, making sustainable industrial processes is a challenge that demands innovation. Under this topic the congress will present the proposals focused on promoting efficient production and manufacturing systems through new and best products and processes, supervision, and control of industrial processes, strategies for a clean production, energy efficiency in the processes, as well all those ideas for a sustainable and inclusive industry.

Science and Technology

Science is the foundation of engineering. Therefore, the congress will create a space to present research and reflections on the basic scientific foundations: Physics, chemistry, math, biology, etc. Any study that can have an impact on the development of the country in the future. The congress can be a place to show technological applications (including technologies of information and communication) no included explicitly in the lines of knowledge mentioned before but that can contribute to a sustainable development.

Design and construction

During the congress, the UCA aims to promote the construction of sustainable, efficient and functional infrastructure. Some alternatives to promote the optimization of resources in order to solve serious problems of the country in this area such as housing shortage, and transport infrastructure. Under this topic, we are especially looking for studies or ideas of new construction materials, structural repair and reinforcement in existing buildings. We also looking for infrastructure resilience, which looks to develop infrastructure able to resist adverse environmental situations like this caused by strong earthquakes.

Risk management

Given its environmental situation and land management, El Salvador is highly vulnerable while facing many disasters. These include seismic events, weather conditions, as well those disasters caused by human activity such as toxic emissions. In order to guarantee the sustainability of any activity, it is necessary to include the risk management to handle the threats to the infrastructures or well-being of the people. This topic to discuss during the congress includes: risk evaluation, mitigation activities, as well as strategies of planning and response while facing hazardous situations.

Sustainable cities

One of the biggest challenges in Central America is access to decent housing for everyone. There is a need of innovative alternatives to promote cities offering housing for all its citizens in harmony with the environment. Under this topic, the congress will present proposals related to land management, urban planning, mobility systems, and transportation.

Education and culture

Engineers and architects with technical knowledge and commitment with society are key for a social and economic development. This topic will group innovative proposals for the formation process of engineers and architects. The UCA aims to include studies on cultural aspects related to architecture and engineering.

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